MassMutual Jr.Space Camp

First launched in 1999, MassMutual Jr. Space Camp is now in its 18th year. In developing this unique community program, we have injected new elements every year to encourage more outstanding children to participate in the program and to realize their space dreams. Now, let's have a look at the MassMutual Jr. Space Camp story over the past years.

The Program First Launch

MassMutual Asia proudly launches the ‘MassMutual Jr. Space Camp’ program, the first of its kind, in Hong Kong to sponsor six outstanding children to undergo junior astronaut training at an overseas Space Camp.

Creativity has no Boundaries

The ‘Creative Presentation’ is introduced requiring applicants to provide a creative representation, such as paintings, models, songs or videos, to demonstrate their limitless imagination.

Fun Day in Hong Kong and Macau

To stimulate children's interests in space exploration, Fun Days with game booths related to space exploration are held in Hong Kong at Times Square and in Macau at Yaohan.

With MassMutual, It is Possible!

To spread the message of the program, a massive promotion campaign with the slogan ‘With MassMutual, It is Possible’ is launched.

Jr. Astronauts meet with Yang Liwei

China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei, and the ‘Shenzhou V’ team visit Hong Kong. MassMutual Jr. Astronauts are invited to the welcoming ceremony to meet Yang and learn more about his space experiences.

Outdoor Recruitment Program

A multi-media outdoor recruitment campaign is launched to promote the MassMutual Jr. Space Camp program, including Cross-Harbour Tunnel billboards and MTR-trackside and in-train panels.

Outward Bound builds Confidence

A two-day Outward Bound training course is arranged for applicants to develop their creativity, leadership and team-work spirit.

It is Possible! Reach for the Stars!

A brand new TV commercial is produced with the theme of ‘It is Possible! Reach for the Stars!’, giving a fresh and high-tech image to the program.

We Show Love and Care

MassMutual Jr. Astronauts participate in the ‘International Volunteer Day 2007 – We Share To Care’ campaign with the Agency for Volunteer Service, demonstrating their concern for underprivileged families.

10th Anniversary Celebration

To mark the 10th Anniversary of the MassMutual Jr. Space Camp Program, a series of celebration activities and outdoor events are launched, featuring NASA astronaut, Marsha S. Ivins, from the United States.

Make a Breakthrough! It is Possible!

Professional instructors from the Program for the Gifted and Talented at the Chinese University of Hong Kong were invited to lead a comprehensive thinking, creativity and presentation skills workshops.

Envision a glorious future! It is Possible!

The first "It is Possible!" design competition was launched. Participants were invited to design a Tee that can demonstrate the "It is Possible" spirit and creativity.

Dare to make your space dreams come true

The space exploration journey was extended to nine days. In addition to undergoing the simulated astronaut training at Huntsville Space Camp in Alabama, participants also visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to learn high-tech aerospace science and technology, as well as the history of manned space flight.

 Where dreams are made –
 It is Possible!

During the two-day-one-night “All-round Jr. Astronaut Training Camp”, short-listed candidates not only got to participate in the space-exploration program conducted by the Hong Kong Space Museum, but also went through a tailor-made creativity and communication skills workshop conducted by the Program for Gifted and Talented at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a challenging outdoor physical-training program and to achieve personal breakthroughs.

 Where dreams are made –
 It is Possible!

During their 9-day space exploration journey, the eight Jr. Astronauts experienced the simulated astronaut training at the U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville. In addition, they visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and took in a close-up view of a real Saturn V rocket and the space-shuttle launch pads. They also toured the newly opened Space Shuttle AtlantisSM exhibit, learning more about the history of modern space programs and future developments through multi-media presentations. For the Jr. Astronauts, this was an inspirational journey that made all their space dreams come true!

Where dreams are made –
It is Possible!

During their nine-day space exploration journey, the eight Jr. Astronauts were offered intensive practical as well as theoretical training courses. In recognition of the Jr. Astronauts' "teamwork makes the dream work" spirit and inspiring creativity during their training, the US Space Camp presented them with the "Secret Space Station and Mission Patch Design Competition" award. They also had the opportunity to understand more about the life of real astronauts through their meeting with Marcos César Pontes, the first Brazilian astronaut.

Galaxy Exploration
It is Possible!

Aboard their nine-day space-exploration journey in the US, eight Jr. Astronauts went through a simulated astronaut-training program. And thanks to their excellent teamwork and deep fund of space knowledge, they also won out against other teams from different countries and regions in the "Space Bowl" space-knowledge competition.
Interstellar Exploration
It is Possible!

During the space-exploration journey, the Jr. Astronauts had the opportunity to meet and learn about the experiences of two veteran astronauts: Robert L. Gibson, who flew on five space missions and investigated the Challenger disaster in 1986; and Richard A. Searfoss, a space shuttle pilot who carried out a series of medical experiments in space.

Galaxy Trek
It is Possible!

The nine-day space exploration journey offered the eight Jr. Astronauts practical as well as theoretical training experiences. They also had an inspiring dining experience with Astronaut Sam Durrance who flew on two space shuttle mission and discovered a brown dwarf planet.